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Soundmoves yoga fre 22 mars kl 16-18

Soundmoves yoga

22 mars kl 16-18.

Boka workshop

Lärare: Noah Mckenna & Amanda Stjernström

Pris: 395 kr.

Problem att boka? Maila info@yoginis.se så hjälper vi dig!

Noah and Amanda teach Yoga together combining therapeutic elements. We move and breath with a fixed frequency using special music to hold the time.

The postures and movements draw from somatic therapies to get really deep into the moo-fascia and release locked tension. We wake up the intelligence of the body with exercises that connect different body parts to find smooth flowing motion.

Our classes combine specific elements to produce a unique healing effect:
- Coherent breathing frequencies with conscious voluntary contractions of the diaphragm are proven to modulate stress levels.
- We use specially designed soundtracks to guide the practice. Designed to support the breathing frequency.
- Movements with flow, strength without strain and stretch without compression with sweet transitions.

About Noah:
Noah Mckenna is a Yoga Teacher and Therapist with extensive practical experience and an academic background. He lived in India for 15 years in the hub of the Yoga scene Mysore. With a background in Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga he has been teaching independently since 2003. Graduated 300+ Yoga Teachers, assisted 1000’s of Yogi’s development and 10,000 hrs+ personal practice. Noah has an open minded non-dogmatic approach to all aspects of Yoga.

About Amanda:
Amanda’s journey with yoga began 2010. With the intention to heal and develop as a 17 years old she went to her first meditation course. Since then she has become deeply committed to continue the journey to share yoga with others.
Amanda holds a YA 500 hrs certification from Noah Mckenna’s teacher training program. She has been teaching since 2016 and working together with Noah since then on many TTC courses as well as retreats, intensives and general classes.

The class will be held in english.